More News about EITI and D-EITI are only available in German.

2. D-EITI Report published (23.12.2019)
The 2. D-EITI report (report for 2017) is available here (in German, English version coming soon) and includes the two new special topics recycling and employment & social affairs.
Parliamentary State Secretary Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker new D-EITI Special Representative (18.12.2019)
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On 18 December 2019, the Federal Government appointed Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, as the new Special Representative for the implementation of the Initiative for Transparency in the Extractive Industries in Germany (D-EITI). She succeeds former Parliamentary State Secretary Oliver Wittke.

Find the Federal Ministry’s press release here (in German).

Thanks to special representative Oliver Wittke (08.11.2019)
© picture alliance/Sven Simon

Federal Minister Altmaier thanks Parliamentary State Secretary and D-EITI Special Representative Oliver Wittke (photo) for his work at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Find the press release of the Federal Ministry here (in German).


Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner: "EITI World Conference 2019 in Paris – Prospects for mining technology and raw materials industry" (09.2019)
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At the EITI World Conference 2019 in Paris, Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner (photo) presents the EITI’s prospects for helping to shape a new raw materials strategy. In addition to strengthening national sources of raw materials, the focus should be on creating basic values and civil society standards for the value chain that exclude the supply of “conflict minerals” for our country, while at the same time ensuring that existing domestic raw materials continue to be extracted in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner is Chief Inspector of Mines in the State of North Rhine Westfalia (NRW), Germany and Head of the Mining and Energy Department in NRW, Arnsberg District Government. Since 2014 he has represented the mining authorities of the federal states in the D-EITI multi-stakeholder group.

Find the full article here (in German).

"Wintershall Dea supports international transparency initiative for the commodities sector" (25.07.2019)

Read Wintershall Dea’s article about D-EITI here.

2019 EITI Standard launched at EITI Global Conference

The eighth EITI Global Conference with internationally high-level participants was held on 18 / 19 June 2019 in Paris. As a highlight, the 2019 EITI Standard was formally launched and forms from now on the basis of EITI implementation. The current 52 EITI countries are required to disclose additional data and information on the following topics:

  • Environment
  • Gender
  • Contract transparency
  • State participation and commodity trading

The 2019 EITI Standard continues to shift the focus from publishing EITI Reports toward encouraging systematic disclosure and providing information in open data.

View further information on systematic disclosure here.

View further details on the EITI Standard 2019 here.

In addition, New Zealand’s former Prime Minister Rt Hon. Helen Clark was appointed as Chair of the EITI Board. [more]

Read the complete agenda and further information on the conference here.

Parts of the conference are also available in Video format.

The EITI Progress Report was also presented during the conference and gives an informative summery of EITI activities.

International EITI: "Germany EITI leads by example"

With all requirements met, Germany is set to embrace routine disclosures and innovate further. Read the full article here.

New EITI Standard integrates gender provisions

The integration of gender provisions in the forthcoming revised EITI Standard reflects a broader recognition in the global community of the linkages between gender equality and economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Read the full article here.

World Economic Forum considers EITI as a possible way for business to be an agent for peace

Read the full article here.