The introduction of the internationally-successful EITI model offers new opportunities to increase transparency and dialogue in the German extractive industry. The German Federal Government is using the D-EITI to send a signal about its international natural resources policy – a signal aimed at strengthening developing and emerging countries in the common fight against corruption and at promoting transparency and accountability in their transactions with natural resources. This step is also intended to encourage other countries to participate in the international transparency agenda.

To match the special national characteristics of its extractive industries, each country can specify its own objectives and priorities for the EITI-implementation, always on the basis of the mandatory EITI standard. The objectives are elaborated by the MSG. In order to implement them, a work plan is specified. It hast to be approved by the MSG. The MSG of the D-EITI has adopted seven objectives for the implementation of the EITI in Germany. These objectives can be divided into three thematic areas:

3 topics, 7 objectives

Development of an understandable D-EITI report, which promotes dialogue about the national extractive sector
  • Produce timely reports that are understandable and accessible to the general public and based on a transparent, open and innovative EITI process in Germany.
  • Process contextual information concerning the German extractive sector, with a view to promoting a broad debate on resource policy that includes aspects of sustainability (economic, environmental, and social).
  • Engage in understandable, commensurate and increasingly comprehensive reporting to the general public in compliance with the EITI Standard and in harmony with the EU Accounting and Transparency Directives. Concomitantly, additional value shall be generated
  • Ensure ongoing implementation of the D-EITI with the intended multi-stakeholder model while building capacity for broad-scale public debate.
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Sharing of knowledge and experiences regarding the multi-stakeholder process in a federal country
  • Share experience from the multi-stakeholder process, in particular with respect to participatory democracy, citizen engagement and knowledge transfer, and also with regard to EITI implementation in a federal state.
  • Substantially enhance Germany’s credibility as regards its political and financial support for EITI.
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Contribution to the development of the EITI standard as a global transparency standard
  • Contribute to the further development of the EITI Standard and its implementation and acceptance as a de-facto global standard, to support the global striving for transparency and accountability as well as the fight against corruption in the extractive sector.
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