The objective of the EITI is to strengthen trans-national transparency and accountability and fight corruption in the extractive industry. In implementing the EITI in Germany, the D-EITI has therefore set itself the task of contributing to the acceptance, application and further development of the EITI standards at international level. On the other hand, Germany will also benefit from the implementation experiences of the countries that already hold memberships in the EITI. The most important element is the dialogue with international partners.

The International Secretariat of the EITI organises regular exchanges of information, e.g. between EITI member countries at meetings of the EITI Board. The D-EITI is also in direct contact with other EITI member countries and countries interested in EITI membership. The focus here is on the EU (UK, France, Netherlands), OECD (Mexico, Norway, USA) and partner countries in Europe (Albania, Ukraine).

For the purpose of conducting this dialogue, all D-EITI documents and the website of the D-EITI are translated into English. This gives other member countries (and the countries which want to become members) the opportunity to benefit from the German EITI experiences.


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Was ist EITI?

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